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Your Sponsor
and your Upline are always here for you. If you don't know who your AmeriPlan ® sponsor is, or you would just like a more personal touch,
please call:
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New AmeriPlan ® IBO Training

Put yourself in our enviornment for 90 days, and you will succeed.
The Great Dental and Health AmeriPlan ® Blog is a great way
to chat with other IBOs.

AmeriPlan ® Basics

1.  Learn the basics of our company by reading the AmeriPlan ®
Day One Document
This will take about
one hour.

2.  Go through the link AmeriPlan ®
Conference Calls

and attend as many of
them as you can for the next 30 days.

3.  Contact your sponsor
to let them know that
you have begun your training and introduce yourself if you have
not met.
AmeriPlan ® Basics

1.  Listen to the founders of our company about
7 core commitments
that will make you successful with your AmeriPlan ® business.

2.  Read completely the
AmeriPlan ®
5 Point Approach

and begin your Warm Market List. Add names
to it over the next 2 days.

3.  Visit your office with
AmeriPlan ® Basics

1.  Find your local meeting place by following
the Meetings link,
and put at least 2 on
your calendar for the
next 30 days.

2.  Your New IBO Kit will arrive by mail either
today or tomorrow. When it arrives, contact your sponsor to discuss how to use your Bloom Bucks.

3.  Explore your income
AmeriPlan ® Action

1.  Set your goal date for promoting to RSD and write it on your calendar. This date should be 21 to 30 days from when you signed up.

2.  Your Warm Market List should be done today. Begin contacting them at
a pace that will exhaust your warm market in
3 to 4 weeks.

3.  View one of your Save Money, Make Money DVDs and put your information on all of
them. Start passing them out 2 a day!

DAY 5 - 30
1.  Stay consistent with your conference call and meeting schedule, they're
a wealth of information.

2.  Make sure you are following up with your warm market prospects
and using the DVDs.

3.  Get business cards from one of the companies listed in the section
I.B.O. Resources.

4.  Attend this month's
Go Team meeting or conference call. Let your team give you strength!

DAY 31 - 90
You should either be at RSD or close at this point. If not, contact your sponsor and let them help you fill in the gaps. Once you are RSD, you will want to complete the 2 training courses on cold market.

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